What is Kinesis Myofascial Integration?

KMI (Kinesis Myofascial Integration) is a new way of exploring your body and its structural relationship with gravity. The techniques are designed to initiate change in your posture and your movement while increasing your knowledge of how your body works. With the side benefit of pain relief!

Our board certified Structural Integration CM therapist, Nadine Samila, offers three ways for you to explore this exciting technique:
A 90 minute session to introduce you to the process
A series of three progressive appointments
A series of twelve progressive appointments

If you are new to bodywork and have no real experience with hands-on therapy, then an introductory session may be the way to start. The KMI 3-series is also a great introduction to structural bodywork. The 3-series will use the KMI principles and techniques to address the pelvis girdle and legs, the upper body and shoulders, and the neck and spine respectively, giving you a good introduction to yourself and the method. The full KMI program (a twelve session series) works its way through your body in a more detailed and thorough way. For the best results, we recommend the full 12-series. You will however, experience a sound idea of the direction and the results from this initial 3-series.

KMI can be remarkably effective for chronic pain patterns of a structural nature, but is not designed as a ‘curative’ for any disease or as a ‘first aid’ remedy for recent injury. Please check with your practitioner if you are unsure whether KMI is right for you.