“When I first went to see Nadine, I told her my goal would be for me to touch my toes. I hadn't been able to do that with all my pelvic pain. After the first session, I knew this was going to be a treatment that would work for me. When I left the office I felt different…. I was walking differently. I was walking correctly. It felt weird but fantastic! Throughout the twelve (12) weeks every time I walked out of the office I felt like a new person. My body was finally moving the way it should. It was alot of work on Nadine and my parts but it was worth it! I can touch my toes with no pain, I have started skiing again. I am finally living my life on my terms and not being restricted by pain.”
Nancy De Benedetti

“Nadine: MFR—If I could only afford to do one thing for my FM/MPS treatment I would choose MFR with Nadine. This therapy has given me more permanent pain reduction & greater mobility than everything else (combined) I have tried in the past 20 years. She is compassionate & highly skilled therapist with a wonderful sense of what my body can handle & what it needs at each stage of this journey. She is always learning & studying and always applying what she learns to my therapy personally. She’s the best.” Susan J.

“I have been Nadine’s massage client for about 8 years. I continue to come back to Nadine, even after having lived away in Toronto for 2 years, because she is highly professional and skillful in the art and practice of massage. Not only does she give a great massage, she has also done myofascial release work with me which has improved my posture and structural alignment so that I run in a more balanced way and with fewer injuries than I was having before. I have always found Nadine to be highly caring and personable. She is very knowledgeable about many areas related to physical and mental well being. She seems to be a continuous learner who is interested in being the best she can be both personally and professionally. Nadine also seems to have a great intuitive sense about when to talk, ask questions and share information and when to let me relax in quiet contemplation. I would highly recommend Nadine to anyone who is interested in improving their physical alignment and/or indulging in a high quality massage experience. Having been to dozen of massage therapists over the years and across North America, I would definitely rank Nadine as number one!” Anonymous

“At I thought I would always have to feel like an 80 year old.
The best thing (besides the relief of years of back pain) is the way my body sits within it self. I always tried to stand tall with my shoulders back, It was hard work and my muscles would fatigue quickly. My body now naturally sits better, shoulders back and I stand taller.
Besides the physical benefits of proper body mechanics, better posture and the ability to breath better, I have also noticed the positive affect to my confidence and self esteem.
I knew there would be benefits to the KMI process and I knew it could help people, I just didn't think it could help me!
Thank you Nadine, for all you've done!” J. Cromwell